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Default Re: Lobster?

I have also seen conflicting info on this subject. I've seen posts from people here who have said they had Lobster on their recent 5 day cruise, Then above someone says any cruise longer than 3 days, Then another that says 7 days or longer.... Its very confusing, While I love Lobster and it is a special treat to enjoy when cruising, if I find it is not served, I suppose I'll just have to enjoy it while we're in port on our next cruise.

But just for curiousity sake I'd love to get the real scoop on whether it really is served on cruises less than 7 days. That way if we are going to have it in port, I can do a little research where the pest places to eat are in the ports we'll be visiting.

We'll be cruising for 13 days but only 5 of those days will be on RCL and it would be nice to know what to expect.

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