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Default Stomach illness on Mariner - final wod

Just heard back from our travel agent that RCI has made an "executive" decision that no additional compensation will be made for any passenger on the sailing. They did express their sympathy and did acknowledge the situation was poorly handled (blamed it on the first time that Mariner staff has had this happen). When the agent suggested that this type of response was going to drive people to not report illnesses they agreed, but couldn't do anything else. So as a follow up, we received 3 days future cruise credit for the person that was sick (and they still have it screwed up in their records and think my oldest child was sick when he wasn't) and 2 days for the rest of us. My husband has stated he will never cruise with RCI again, and will never recommend them to anyone. Again, it was the way the situation was handled and how we were treated - not the sickness - that was our issue. I would warn anyone who does get sick, I wouldn't report it - they can't help anyway - they'll just lock you in your cabin!
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