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Default anyone ever purchase a Romance package?

Hey all,
We sail on the Voyager April 30 and we are considering doing one of the romance packages offered by RCI. There are 4: "Classic Romance" for $98 (champange, choc. strawberries, breakfast for two delivered to room, pre dinner canapes one night, after dinner sweets one night and a silver framed 8X10 portrait)
The second one is for $199 per couple which includes more expensive champagne, flowers, 2 robes to keep, plus the other stuff.
The third one is $550 and includes Dom Perignon, dozen roses, canapes and sweets every night and the other stuff.
The last one is $770 and includes everything from the third one plus 2 spa appointments for a massage and/or facial. (my TA said we can choose from a list of treatments.
Has anyone ever done these? We are thinking seriously about the $770 one because we want to get a spa treatment and we will want a formal portrait and the robes and love the idea of treats delivered to our room. And I figure the spa treatments alone will cost around $200 bucks for the two of us. I really don't mind spending the money if everything is as nice as it says.
Thanks, Chris
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