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Default Re: Princess vs. RCL

I like both Princess and RCCL and since someone has brought up CCL I like them too. If we are sailing alone, Princess is my choice hands down. If I am traveling with others, RCCL is fine as there is generally more night life and I prefer the Voyager class or the Radiance class of their ships. Even though they have become more mass market and family oriented like RCCL and CCL, I still findPrincess a little bit more "refined" than the other 2. As for food, dining rooms are all 3 are close, no real difference except that Princess serves cold water lobster. For the buffet areas CCL is far superior in layout and choices, with Princess next and RCCL a distant 3rd. The way that RCCL lays out the Windjammer tends to make for lines and they do not have the variety or quality that CCL or Princess has. If you were looking for all the hockey pucks that the NHL did not use this year they were on the AOS as hamburgers. If you wanted a grilled chicken sandwich, you had to go JR's and pay a cover charge to get one or see who ever was in charge of the buffet for the day and get permission to have one made in the buffet line. We are Platnium on both Princess and RCCL and if CCL did that we would be at the minimum platnium there also.

Having said all this I think you should give RCCL a try and do not think over all you will disappointed. You will find many things that you like with them and others that you think Princess does a wee bit better.
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