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Jim & Shawn
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Default Re: Limo service to port

There is little doubt that the rental car option would save some money...And, we are not limo type people, but here is our thought process...There are 4 of us, and my wife and two daughters only pack light under threat of great pain...Thus, we were not going to fit all of us and our bags into a small rental...That meant a large car, plus parking for a week at the Port...For a few more bucks, we have limo service, and do not have to worry about navigating, parking or gassing a rental...A tad decadent, but it seems like a good way to go...

Our price for the SUV is $308, which includes tip and time to stop at a grocery store on our way to the Port to pick-up a few diet cokes and waters for our rooms...

If the limo service proves unreliable, it was a bad choice...Otherwise, its a few more bucks on a vacation thats already so expensive that I'm not counting.........Jim
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