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Default Diet Coke Aboard RCCL

We recently returned from the Mariner and were wondering about the Diet Coke aboard. We purchased a soda card and wanted our money back when we discovered how awful the soda tasted. Is no one complaining about this? As a big fan of Diet Coke I know what I'm drinking and what they are serving as DC tastes nothing like it. To add to the problem the DC tastes different at different locations on the ship.

RCCL of course did not refund our money because we were dissatisfied. We made it clear that we intended to purchase individual cokes because we felt the flavor was unacceptable, but they didn't seem to be interested. We will never do another soda card again.

In addition to this we noticed on our drive home from Florida that there were several billboards in the south advertising that Diet Coke is being made with Splenda instead of Nutrasweet (Equal). We were wondering if that was a widespread thing because here in the Midwest the Coke is still made with Nutrasweet. Maybe the ship is serving the DC made with Splenda and that's why we couldn't stand it? Does anyone know about this?
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