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Dan P
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If you are going on the Voyager out of Bayonne,Parking is $108 for the 9 night cruise.We just completed the cruise last week.As for your other post,there are 2 formal nights but on the second formal,people were not as dressed up,I didnt wear a tie just a jacket.
As for in and out of the terminal,if we had parked our car there from the time they called our color[the second color called]we would have been on the turnpike in half an hour[we had to wait for my sister in law to pick us up.The turnpike entrance is only a mile from the entrance to the docks.
We talked to people who parked there,go to the drop off point and drop your bags then go and park.There is a shuttle in the parking lot but only take you to the entrance to the parking have to walk to the terminal from the entrance.About two minute walk but easier without bags.
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