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Voyager 9 night from Bayonne is 2 formal nights - but I found that ship to be a very nformal cruise. 1st formal night less than 50% of the people dressed and on the second formal night I would say that less than 10% of the people got dressed in anything approaching formal. Besides, I also noted that right after dinner (whether first or second seating) those that were dressed changed into casual clothes. When we left the dining room after eating (second seating), I was in my tux and virtually all of the first seating guests were already running around in bermudas and t-shirts. Even though it was formal night - I was the one who felt totally out of place.

As far as Cape Liberty - do the math. Parking is $108 for the 9 night cruise. How much would a taxi cost to and from the peir - plus tips? I guess it depends on where you are going/coming from. It cost me $150 one way (including tolls and tip) for a limo from Cape Liberty to home in Central NJ after getting off the Voyager 8 day repo cruise this past May.

Last summer we took the 9-day from Cape Liberty and drove up to the port. It could not have been easier. I was in my car and on the turnpike with 20 minutes of getting off the ship. None of the hassle of finding the limo in the crowded mess that forms in front of the building where you pick up the luggage.
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