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We have been programmed to sue. I get drunk, wreck my car and hurt myself. I can't sue myself ( as of yet ) so I sue the maker of the beverage I drank, the bar who sold it to me and the maker of the car. Obviously someone has to be to blame besides me.
I burn myself on the stove. I sue the store who sold it and the people who made it. After all, I didn't know the stove was hot. I thought I just had to set the pot on the stove and it magically heated the soup. I get a cup of coffee and its not hot enough so I complain and get another. I then drive away, talking on my cell, reading the paper and drinking coffee. I spill the coffe and sue. After all, wasn't my fault.

When the juries quit handing down multi-million dollar verdicts in these silly and /or stupid lawsuits, then you will see a drop in same but as long as its like winng the lottery, it will only get worse.

Yes Shiek, we are a nation of suers.
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