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Default Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to Canad

I am on the Voyager cruise that was diverted from Bermuda to Canada. There are many very unhappy passengers.

The only compensation that Royal Caribbean offerred up (after a lot of pressure) was a $45 credit for port taxes. The price of the Canadian cruise is typically a lot less than the premium prices we all paid for our Bermuda cruise.

It will be very interesting to see how Royal Caribbean handles this from the PR side.

From my perspective, I will never take a Bermuda cruise out of New Jersey again during hurricane season. The risk of diverting to cold country (I mean 60's, fog, and wind) is too great. We have only had one morning (the day after leaving NJ) of sunny warm weather. The rest of the 5-days has been cold, foggy, and windy.

Also, because of the way Royal Caribbean has stonewalled their customers on this cruise, I will likely avoid them in the future. Too bad - the Voyager is a beautiful ship and the crew has been very attentive. But the arrogance of the management in Miami has been unbelievable. They are doing everything they can to destroy customer loyalty. They could have avoided all of the ill-will they have created by offering a reasonable size voucher (i.e. $250) toward a future cruise when we checked in on Sunday. That would have dissipated a lot of the anger that many passengers feel.
Very few are questioning the decision to divert to Canada. The real issue is the compensation from the change in schedule. We paid for Cadillacs and we are getting Chevies.
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