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Default Re: Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to C

Do you folks realize that at the time of sailing, July 24 there was a tropical storm, Franklin (bordering on hurricane force) coming up out of the Bahamas and heading with a dead on bead for Bermuda? I was there at the time. I know you do but you need to focus on what that means. There were tropical storm warnings up and visitors were scrambling around to consider alternative travel arrangements. What "other similar island " did you have in mind? How many islands do you think are out there? Nothing within 600 miles of Bermuda. If the storm was coming out of the Bahamas the ship would have had to sail directly into the storm to get there. So where would you have liked to go??? Until Monday night the 25th when the storm finally veered away from the island (but still in the path of ships coming out of NY area) we were under a tropical storm warning.
Channels entering all three ports in Bermuda are very narrow and very shallow. They are negotiated at minimal speeds . Ships cannot stay in port in Bermuda during such a storm unless there is an absolute emergency due to the very tight constraints in all three port areas.
What is the PR disaster you are talking about. Do you think that RCCL had a months advance warning of the path of Franklin? This storm literally spun up to tropical storm strength just a day or so earlier.
RCCL made an inteligent and prudent decision to avoid sailing in a storm , docking in a storm and having to leave port early because of the storm. The ship was taken to the best available alternative ports.
I don't know what the weather was where you ended up going, but Sunday morning in Bermuda there was torrential rain and high winds during a violent thunderstorm. Sunday night there was yet again thunder and rain. It rained ALL DAY Monday. Tuesday the sun was shining but there were high winds and surf and small craft warnings.
The weather report for Wednesday and Thursday (today) was for rain and wind from the storm and a shearing cold front.
Sorry your trip was disrupted but some of you need a reality adjustment.
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