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Glenn Comunale
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Default Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to Canad

I have a co-worker who is on the Norweign Crown to Bermuda right now.He left on Sunday also ,As far as I know his ship was not diverted and they sailed to Bermuda. So how come NCL goes through with the original cruise and RCL doesen't? Also I have a web cam picture of the Norweign Majesty in Bermuda right now and its sunny and dry.If I was on the VOS and knew this I would be really upset. By the way last month my wife and I wrer on the Dawn and due to a engine problem the last and best stop, Nassau was cancelled and the ship spent two days sailing back to New York .NCL gave a two hundred dollar credit to each stateroom tab $100 per person people were screaming foul but now it looks pretty good . The people on RCL should get a 50% credit towards another cruise.
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