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Default Re: Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to C

As for the PR issue, RCCI will simply keep their mouth shut about the whole thing. While they may have 2,000 upset people on board, like it or not, they are still getting a 5 day cruise. Every single one of them should have been aware of the possiblity of a hurricane, and the ship simply wasn't going to detour to the Bahamas just because. Heck, even if it did, the people on board would spend 4 days at sea and only get to visit 1 port at the most, so I'm sure most guests on baord would still be flipping out.

Back to that PR issue: This is not the same as the Wendy's finger in the chili massacre. No one is going to turn on their TV News and see that a cruise ship had to visit a different port. While the 2,000 people on board will probably tell their family and friends about the horrible experience, chances are most of them weren't going to be cruising anytime soon anyway. I don't know the actual rates of people that return to cruise again, but say if that rate is 50% (or 1,000 from this cruise), most of them will probably cruise again, regardless of their experiences on this trip. Some may switch cruise companies next time, but they are still going to encounter the same risks, and if these cruisers are RCCI fans, they probably won't be happy on a competitor's ship anyway.

Thus, the PR issue is really a non issue.
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