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Glenn Comunale
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Default Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to Canad

Cassandra: Of course your right in what you say as far as you go but I feel some of us are missing the point here, its all about respect. Isn't a large corp. dealing with the public suppose to go the extra mile in support of good will. To say that RCL gave the people a cruise to somewhere misses the point they had to take the boat out and go someplace and maybe the choices were not good but if you paid for a Buick and end up in your mind with a Chevy some sort of accommodation in this case money wise should be offered. If I buy a car fully loaded and instead because of a strike I can't get it and the dealer offers me a less loaded car instead I don't expect to pay the same price for the less expensive one., this really happened to me many years ago. RCL showed tthat they did not have any respect for the people on board that boat. I hope that those passengers that paid with a credit card will contest the charge and maybe get a credit.
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