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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Berm

Here's what I am not understanding.. (and I guess I knew this would happen, I so much as stated in the first post)......

What is the nature of the vitriol against those that are:

1. bringing the topic of the diversion up on a cruise message board ?


2. people exploring their options and expressing their concerns and worries about the itenerary changes?

If at the very least, the young lady who wanted to have her wedding in Bermuda was upset about her WEDDING DAY that was her right to be upset. It doesn't point fault, it speaks to her emotions.

Should she get to suing the cruise line? I didn't say that.

Last year I had a chance to visit the ports that RCI diverted to this week and they were lovely. On the day we were in St. John, it was rainy and cold. My husband and I were on our honeymoon and we loved it. We had booked to Canada and expected this kind of weather. But people complained and RCI ended up taking St. John OFF of their Canada ports for cruises leaving from Bayonne. They responded to the customer's demands, in spite of the obvious.. Canada is often going to be cold in May and rain sometimes happens! In that case, I really was thinking, "What did you all expect? This is the area you booked for!" However, the customer complaints must have made some kind of policy difference, even if it's not one I agree with. Companies DO respond to customer inquiries.

In reading the cruisemates message boards, I can't say I have always agreed with the anger at being diverted from one island port to another if there were still good beaches, food and museums. They are comparable in climate and activities. But I can't imagine being diverted to something that's not comparable in climate or price, and then being told "too bad for you".

Like many people, I work hard to earn my money and want to make the best of it. I had the choice of booking the Canada cruise, which was less expensive. But I chose to save for a balcony cabin on a cruise to Bermuda. I cannot even pretend I wouldn't be disappointed if it didn't work out that way. I can at least empathize with the people who were booked on this particular sailing, even if there are those who cannot.

I wonder how many of the "deal with it" folks I will see on here complaining later about the food quality, the poor treatment by a particular staff person, or the way the lines are becoming less high quality in this that or the other. I am going to assume it's no one, because none of them ever had a customer service complaint that they didn't just sit back and deal with.


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