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Default Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to Canad

Hey Folks,

I have read all of your mesages since posting my original message.

Bottom line - I paid for a trip to Bermuda and ended up with what is typically a much less expensive trip to Canada with cold temperatures and fog. All I am asking for from Roval Caribbean is recognition that they did not deliver what I paid for. (And yes, Mother Nature plays a role - if RCI had offered to split the difference in the cost between a Canadian cruise and a Bermuda cruise with a simple credit toward a future cruise, I and many of my fellow passengers on this cruise would have felt compensated. The bottom line is that they did not even offer this).

For those of you criicizing us for booking a cruise to Bermuda during Hurricane Season, you are right. I will never do it again. And forget about booking again on Royal Caribbean.

And shame on us stupid passengers for booking a cruise to Bermuda in July without packing warm weather clothes for Canada, just in case.

I am sticking to golf in the USA where I can just drive there. I will save a hell of a lot of money and have a lot less frustration.

To you cruising addicts...enjoy spending thousands of dollars and risking it to the vagaries of weather.

For me, I will stick to golf. I can pay a whole year's dues for a nice Country Club for my family for what I paid for this 5-day trip to Bermuda (er Canada). And if it rains, I can just wait until the next day (or week) to play without losing my investment.



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