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Default Re: Jewel of the Seas 10/12/05-Who's going?

We will be on the 10/12 sailing. This is our ninth cruise..third out of Boston...Last October we cruised on Voyager out of Port Liberty NJ. The first and second night out it was pretty rough. The rest of the cruise was smooth. We got to watch the Red Sox win the World Series while docked in Aruba and got to harass many Yankee fans that were on this cruise watching with us. We flew home from Miami so didnt get to experience the North Atlantic on the return. Fortunately we never got sick on a cruise..When we returned home however I had vertigo when I went to lay down for almost six weeks after. Didn't feel anything on the ship just when I layed down after returning home. Room spinning stuff. It never happened after any other cruise. Must have been the rough 2 nights we had leaving NJ it got my inner ear balance messed up. We are looking forward to this trip and hope you have a great cruise. Perhaps Ill see you at the blackjack table.
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