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Default Re: Re: Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda

I wanted to respod to your message because I read it and was completely offended. I was on the cruise that went to Canada instead of Bermuda, and I must say that I think you have missed the point of all the controversy. We all understand that the ship was diverted because of the storm, and do not dispute that it was done in an effort to ensure the safety of everyone on board. You are right, there is no telling when mother nature will strike. However, the manner in which Royal Carribean went about the decision to re-direct the cruise was completely uncalled for. The main problems that myself, my family, and hundreds abord the ship had with the cruise were threefold, and I have listed them for you...
1. Royal Carribean did not tell anyone that they had changed our plans until we were boarding the ship.
2. When people, like my father, asked for a refund, Royal Carribean refused, saying that we could either skip the cruise and lose our money, or get on the boat.
3. The normal price of a cruise to canada is much less (about $1000/person less) than the price that my family and about 3000 other people on that cruise paid

I can honestly say that people were more annoyed with they way that they were treated than anything else. On the contract that eveyrone signed, it says that Royal Carribean promises to do everything it can to ensure that its passengers are completely satisfied with their curise. Well, the passengers just want to pay for the cruise that they were given, which is a request that I do not find unfair. My father paid for our famiily to get tan, go snorkeling, walk on the beach in the pink sand, dip our feet in the clear ocean waters. Instead, we all came home with canada sweatshits and sweatpants because we were all freezaing cold on the boat. Maybe a phone call or an email from Royal Carribean would have been nice, you know, to tell us to pack for a cooler climate. Wouldn't you be a little upset about having to spend even MORE money on an already crappy vacation because you and your family were freezing, at no fault of your own?

The test of a great company is not when all goes well and everyone is satisfied. The test comes when a problem arises. A truly great company would have had the decency to TRY to please its customers. I have to say that every paying customer on board that ship was treated like crap. RCCL may seem professional but it has proved to me, and thousands of others that we were wrong. And I am sure that you would feel the same way if it was your money that went to waste and your children who had to stay locked up in their rooms all day because it was too cold, windy, and foggy to set foot on the deck. Rather, if it was your son or daughter who paid full price for a fake wedding in canada because he or she was supposed to get married in bermuda. So, now that you have heard what i have to say, I think it only appropriate to say that it is not us that need a reality adjustment. Maybe you should consider the situation from all sides before making rude accusations. Thank you.
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