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Default Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to Canad

RC made out very well on this cruise.

The casino was opened longer.
Shops were opened longer.
Poor weather, kids could not use pool, Nothing for the kids to do,
Video room was packed. (not cheap.. 1.50 a game)
Bingo had the biggest jacket pot for a 5 day cruise.

The 45.20 refund given to the passengers, was given after the passengers
started complaining. Otherwise RC would have kept that money too.
45.20 * 3000 passengers = $135600.00

I was told by one employee to suck it up and have a good time. Nice words from
a person working for the company.

What ever happen to customer satisfaction.,, The only thing RC is thinking about is their bottom line. I am not looking for a 100% percent refund only the difference between a Canada cruise and a Bermuda Cruise. Instead of having 3000 customers advertising for RC, they have 3000 customers complaining.
The BIG corporate giant wins again.

RC gets to pocket more money.....
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