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Default Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to Canad

RCCI has NEVER been big on customer care or satisfaction.

But isn't it our responsiblity as consumers to check out the weather etc. before booking our vacations. If you just have to have someone to share blame 'bout your TA or cruise representative? Shouldn't they have warned you about the possibilities of bad weather, etc?

Now, if you booked this Itinerary KNOWING that it may change due to the weather... How can you later complain, when it did?

Again, maybe RCCI could have handled it in a more tactful manner...or the crew been kinder and more sympathic...but they weren't. But I don't think that their being rude and unsympathic changes the hard facts.

Overall, RCCI was in a no win situation. If they braved the bad weather...and even if no-one was injured or killed, but the trip was rocky and rainy...people would be unhappy and complain..when they changed Itinerary to avoid possible dangers..people are uphappy. RCCI and the Captain knew that what ever decision they was going to hurt!

As JaeDog105 quoted: "The line clearly states that the itinerary can be changed with no warning or refund simply because they are unwilling to bear the risks of sailing into bad weather." We know that this is the right thing to do considering the big picture!

If RCCI gave those passengers 1/2 their money back...some passengers would want it all back...If they haven't extend on board shop hours, etc. Passengers would complain the cruise line did nothing to entertain them. Customer satisfaction? Some customers can never be fully satisfied!

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