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Default Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to Canad

I was a passenger on this horrible trip. We got absolutely NOTHING. They gave us $45.20 in the difference of port charges. It was 50.00 for a sweatshirt to keep warm.

They legally can change the itinerary due to weather ,obviously it doesn't have to be someplace comparable. They claim we pay for the ship not the trip. We couldn't even utilize all the ship had to offer since it was 55 degrees 40mph winds and thick misty fog. we were trapped inside for 4 days.

From what I was told there are all different types of insurance, ours was only if the trip was canceled. I paid $1500.00 for this trip (room with a Balcony). They didn't even offer a future cruise discount. After 3500 people met in the theatre we got free drinks for 1 hour, 3 different choices of their choice.

I been on many cruises, 1st and last with royal rip off. I never knew cruise lines can get away with this. I and many other people are fighting it on our credit cards, the only leg we have to stand on is the fact that we couldn't use alot of what the ship offers. The hurricane turned north from Bermuda and we wound up with horrible weather anyway. Atleast in Bermuda it would have been 85 degrees and wet.

I feel if they can't take you someplace comparable then they should cancel the trip. They are getting away with highway robbery.After 9/11 we were booked on celebrity to Bermuda our port was changed from NY to PA. We got on board and received 100.00 on board credit and a future cruise discount, just for a port change. Celebrity may cost a little more but they have class so it's worth it. I feel royal is comparable in quality and service to Carnival, and Carnival is alot cheaper and they also care about their customers.

This left such a sour taste in my mouth I may start going to all-inclusives like sandals and beaches who have hurricane guarantees.

feel free to e-mail me with any questions
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