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Default Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to Canad

OH, the more I hear about it the more empathy I have for the folks, and the more one consistent theme I hear is people being upset about the differential in cost. They aren't complaining about Canada as much as they are about the difference in the cost of a Bermuda Cruise.

@ my husband... who just said to me with a wink, "If RCI was worried about sailing through rough weather, why didn't we get diverted from St. John to Bermuda when we hit that storm last year?"

Is it me or do diversions never end up in more expensive ports? Is it all safety? Can you be diverted from Nassau to Turks and Caicos?

Unfortunately for RCI, this is getting to be a bigger stink than they believed it would be.

I am sorry for that couple who planned their wedding. However, even in Bermuda, they would have been rained out. I wonder if they could have had the RCI wedding in port before they left for Canada? Is that a possibility?

I am thankful to the cruisemates staff though. On at least one other board, some of the RCI messages from returning customers have been deleted. It is good to be able to read what happened here so we have a better understanding. Thanks guys!


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