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Default Re: Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to C

Tony, I feel for your family, but the Voyager staff was incorrect. There is LOTS to do in both St. John and Halifax. If you had been given the time, you'd have found excursions on your own. That is the unfortunate thing. I was able to plan my own excursions with the help of posters, because I knew where we were going.

For instance: St. John has, right in that little mall up the hill, a Museum with an interesting and free tour. (At one point I was standing under a life sized whale). There is also a nice farmer's Market with beautiful toys and such. And then there's Steamer's Lobster Company and lobster roll, and several other restaurants. I fail to believe that anyone on the staff who had sailed last year to Canada wouldn't know the some of the options. (If they had some of the same staff). I saw some of them off of the boat when I went.

My husband and I found out about it when a nice couple told us where things were getting off of the boat.

In Halifax, not only is there a large museum and major shopping, but I walked down to the Harbor Hopper/ Murphy's on the Water, where we took an amphibious tour of Halifax which ends with the driver driving right into the water and your vehicle becoming a boat. There's a whale watching boat and when I went there was Theodore Tug boat parked right outside on the dock. There's a ferry to another town across the way, there's lots to do for kids.

I don't think we can down Halifax and St. John's in the middle of this RCI public relations problem. They are nice little towns, not what you were expecting, but nice nonetheless. What happened isn't their fault and I hope they aren't besmirched in the middle of this mess.


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