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Default I was on the NCL Masjesty same week

I cann't believe the crap that RCL did to all those passengers. On our ship we were told that we will be coming in 3 hours later so we would go around the storm.
Sorry to say that the weather was perfect in Bermuda from the time we got there Tuesday @ noon till Friday @ noon when we left!

The only reason I'm reading here is that my sister was on this RCL ship and we were going to meet at horseshoe bay on Wednesday. I just don't understand how all the other ships were able to sail to Bermuda while the RCL which is twice as big couldn't make the trip. Maybe RCL can answer that?

Needless to say I will NEVER book with RCL just due to the fact of the compensation of $45 bucks this is a slap in the face. One spends thousands to get something thats worth half and only gets back $45 bucks.

If this is what you call customer service RCL CAN TAKE A HIKE!


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