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Jayson Hahn
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Default Re: Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to C

I was also on the Voyager that was supposed to go to Bermuda and went to Canada...

What I could not believe is how many people let it ruin their trip!!! The ship, crew and food could not have been better. If certain people were receiving rude treatment from the crew, it was because so many were "beating" up on them constantly for 6 days. We were treated like gold for 6 days by everyone on the ship.

I agree...Canada is not the best place to cruise to. St. John was a worthless stop but Halifax is a great city. It was unfortunate that the weather was bad the entire way but many of the passengers, especially those Monday morning quarterback "lawyers" who are threatening a class action suit, ruined their own trip, not RCCL.

People think that there are just ports of call waiting for ships to come in unannounced. The storm was heading for Mexico in the AM on Saturday 7/23 and by that afternoon it did a 180 and headed towards Bermuda...unfortunate...maddening...but not RCCL's fault.

What amazed me even more is even after the Captain read a statement over the announcement system from the Department of transportation of Bermuda stating that they would have denied us entry on Tuesday and would have maybe allowed us to dock for 2 hours on Wednesday. Even after learning that people still wanted blood from RCCL.

I am tired of hearing people say how they were "kidnaped" by RCCL. Hundreds of people taking over common areas and theaters to discuss how bad the cruise is instead of having a drink in one of the 6 hot tubs! My wife, 7 year old daughter and myself had a great time on the ship. Weather was unfortunate but I cannot stress enough how many people ruined their own trip.

We would sail with RCCL on the Voyager again in a heartbeat. In fact my daughter has already asked that we sail on that ship again!
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