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Default Re: Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to C

This is an outrage, not to at least be reimbursed for the difference in fare between the cost of a Bermuda cruise, and the cost of a Canadian cruise?! And everyone I see on these boards who tell these passengers to just "suck it up" and smile does ALL of us who cruise an injustice. Do you actually think that when a line knows they can get away with doing wrong, that they will do right the next time?

I am supposed to take my first RCCL cruise in a month -- I usually sail Celebrity -- and they have totally messed up my flights. I booked custom and I paid extra, and I DID NOT GET WHAT I PAID FOR and confirmed. I have spent three hours on the phone today, and RCCL thinks I should pay an extra $600 (what it will cost to approximate my flight times) for ITS mistake! I am still hopeful that the supervisor at the travel agency which I turned the booking over to AFTER I had booked everything directly with the ship, can resolve it. But I tell you right now, I haven't even left and I already hate RCCL.

After reading this other stuff, and now with the stories coming out about their lack of security on ship, well, things will have to change before I book them again, assuming I even make this trip.

Class action suits exist for a reason -- it doesn't pay for one person to sue, but as a class the people on the Voyager could make it worth an attorney's while to see that they get what they are owed, and that, at a MINIMUM, is not to have paid for a Bermuda cruise, when they got a Canadian cruise -- whatever the difference in that cost is, is what they are legally entitled to.
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