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Default Re: Re: Big BIG problem : Voyager diverted from Bermuda to C

As kellie stated in an earlier post, it was warm and sunny in Bermuda on Tuesday and Wed, and they had forecasted that the storm moved up the coast right to Nova Scotia where they were. Well gee, that would mean you would have had to go right through the storm to get to your sunny paradise! Rough seas, wind, wait.....STRONG WIND, Strong Rain! Can't really utilize the ships amenities under those conditions.

And seriously people, you are all acting like it was snowing in Nova Scotia! A bit colder yes but C'mon! Weather is very unpredictable, unseasonably cool, not cold, COOL, in Nova Scotia, Halifax wherever you complained, and look at what happened in Australia this week....somewhere we all think is always was snowing!

Stop complaining so much about the "little things" in life because all the heat coming out of your mouths, is definitely causing global warming!

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