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My family and I were on board and I dashed topside within 3 minutes of the alarm call sounding. I am skeptical about the wife's story/published reports because from the MINUTE I arrived topside, the story was always that they were having a drunken brawl and he climbed up on the railing. Fall or jump wasn't clear, but we were doing 20 knots through the shipping channel and it would've been a miracle if he wasn't sucked under the ship.

As for the safety/railing issue I can tell you this: I have a crawling 9 month old and a 5 year old and I wouldn't hesitate (and didn't) to let them move about on the decks freely. You have to be really trying to get over those rails, which are close together, four feet high and sloped inward toward the deck!

It was truly sad and somewhat sickening. If this was a drunken accident, that makes it even worse!
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