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Default Re: Kuki's Virtual Cruise on Legend

It was great fun meeting Richard & Heather, having known each other only as electronic friends til now.
I was delighted when they showed some initiative and came to the ship while we were docked in SanDiego.
What was amazing was how wonderful the staff of the Legend were, when they allowed them to come onboard with no notice, and join us for dinner.
This was obviously one of the benefits of sailing a small luxury cruise ship. Had we been on a Mega ship I'm sure there's no way this would have been possible.
A special thanks to Seabourn for their cooperation and to Richard and Heather for making the effort to come to the pier.
We had yet another superb dinner on the Legend, that we were able to share, and then gave Richard and Heather the 9 minute tour, and still had time to visit and have drinks in the Club.
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