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Todd Feldman
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Default Silver Shadow Seychelles + Safari

Dear fellow cruisemates:

We are a professional, gay couple (I'm a lawyer, American, 38; my partner is an ophthalmologist, Spanish, 32). We both live in Madrid, Spain.

As an extended Easter holiday, we are considering the Silver Shadow April 2, 2001Seychelles cruise plus the 4 day post cruise safari.

My question is whether we'll feel comfortable on this trip, since I have heard that Silversea attracts a much older, formal crowd. While this type of crowd suits most European and other itineraries, my instincts say that the Seychelles might attract a younger, more active crowd (I assume one goes to the Seychelles to go diving, snorkeling, bask on pristine beaches, etc., and not to sit on the beach in your tuxedo while eating caviar).

The idea of a cruise attracts us because this is an area of the world we have always longed to see, except that the air and land arrangements to visit the Seychelles never seem to be convenient.

We have also always wanted to do the safari, and think it would be a marvelous opportunity to combine both trips.

We love the finer things in life and luxury travel, but are hoping that this cruise/tour, in particular, might be a bit more active than what we have been told about Silversea.

We would appreciate opinions and advice from fellow cruisemates.


Todd Feldman
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