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Joe Casciola
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Default Re: Silver Shadow Seychelles + Safari

Have you heard from any one? I'm very interested to hear how your trip goes.

New Orleans, LATodd Feldman wrote:
> Dear fellow cruisemates:
> We are a professional, gay couple (I'm a lawyer, American,
> 38; my partner is an ophthalmologist, Spanish, 32). We both
> live in Madrid, Spain.
> As an extended Easter holiday, we are considering the Silver
> Shadow April 2, 2001Seychelles cruise plus the 4 day post
> cruise safari.
> My question is whether we'll feel comfortable on this trip,
> since I have heard that Silversea attracts a much older,
> formal crowd. While this type of crowd suits most European
> and other itineraries, my instincts say that the Seychelles
> might attract a younger, more active crowd (I assume one goes
> to the Seychelles to go diving, snorkeling, bask on pristine
> beaches, etc., and not to sit on the beach in your tuxedo
> while eating caviar).
> The idea of a cruise attracts us because this is an area of
> the world we have always longed to see, except that the air
> and land arrangements to visit the Seychelles never seem to
> be convenient.
> We have also always wanted to do the safari, and think it
> would be a marvelous opportunity to combine both trips.
> We love the finer things in life and luxury travel, but are
> hoping that this cruise/tour, in particular, might be a bit
> more active than what we have been told about Silversea.
> We would appreciate opinions and advice from fellow
> cruisemates.
> Regards,
> Todd Feldman
> Madrid
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