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Teresa Chaisson
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Default Re: Re: AUGUST 2002 Honeymoon on Silversea

I just read your message so I hope this quickie review isn't too late. Mitch and I had a FABULOUS CRUISE. We were on our honeymoon and pretty much kept to ourselves but welcomed an occassional evening of dining with new people. We met a great family from the UK, and a couple of older couples from the South. They partied like they were in their 20s! It was fun to be the youngest couple on the cruise. You do get some special attention because it's so obvious that you're on your honeymoon!

I attached a picture of Mitch and me in Capri. We fondly look back at the cruise and can't wait to book another for our 5th anniversary.

Feel free to email me any other questions directly at

Congratulations and my best to you and your bride-to-be.

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