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Glad to meet you. My husband, Bill, and I are taking our first river cruise, as well, although we have also taken several ocean cruises. I also work for an airline so we have that in common already. Basically everything we have learned has come from this web site, so I would recommend reading the postings. We also read everything on the Viking site, even though there wasn't nearly as much as on most other cruise line sites. The itinerary we got was quite sketchy, but after calling Viking we learned we would not be leaving Amsterdam on Aug 9th so it doesn't matter when we arrive. It seems there is a tour of the Floriade on the 10th which is a big plus for us since it only takes place every 10 yrs.

We haven't decided how we're getting from the airport to the boat, but we're leaning toward taking the train to the station then a cab to the boat. The taxi prices everyone has written about seem a little steep to us. I guess it depends on how tired we are upon arrival. We haven't been to Europe in almost 20yrs, so the time difference, flight time and extra years may influence our decision.

Looking forward to seeing you on board,

Susan and Bill Kiehnhoff
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