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Default Questions about Viking River Cruises

Just finished reading some of the information about Viking River Cruises. Here's the questions that I have:

--Do you have to stay with your tour group for shore excursions? Is it possible to tell them it's too boring and agree to get back to the ship at a certain time?

--Is it boring? Are the shore excursions interesting with the guide and do they provide interesting information or just some sort of canned presentation?

--Am I too young for these cruises? My BF and I are in our late 30s ...

--Viking is arranging our flights. (It's taking them FOREVER.) Should I lower my expectations about where we will be sitting and flight times? For instance should I expect to be as close to the baggage storage without being in it and taking the most unfavorable flights with 100s of connections?

I spoke with two reservationists at Viking today and they must have taken lessons in "How to Run Off Customers" first thing this morning. So I'm thinking I've made a huge mistake even booking this cruise. (Sorry $2500 is a LOT of money to me for vacation - so I expect to work with "Can Do" people.)
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