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Default Re: Re: Viking Danube October

We have talked to our travel agent and to the cruise line. It seems that for a few weeks, low water levels have stopped the ship from cruising somewhere shortly after Passau. The last 2 days of each cruise, Viking has been busing people to the sights. Nuremberg is 2 hours away so on that day it would be 2 hours each way. The earlier stops are closer.

We've had a hard time getting a straight story... but it seems they notify passengers week by week as to how their cruise will be affected. We were told we would have the option to not go on the cruise and apply the $ to a future trip (probably not including air). They also said we would receive a 50% credit (no air) toward a future trip if we elect to take the cruise... and it is not able to cruise the entire distance.

Each time we call we get a slightly different story. Diana
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