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Default Re: Viking Danube October

I am just signing up for the Nov. 16 trip, Budapest to Nuremberg also, and hope you will give me some feedback after your return! Booking a Category C Ė will you let me know about rooms and noise and locations? Donít know if it will be noisy under the lounge. What do you think or what was your criteria? The trip is not very booked at this time.

My daughter is in Dusseldorf so Iíll take the trip, then stop in Munich since Iíll be close and then go visit her for a while. Have wanted to see the sights in the Munich area. FYI it is raining now in Germany so hope it will be helpful for all of you.

I want to stop in Budapest a day or two to get over jet lag and sight see a bit, but I think the cruise gives a sightseeing day so I wonít want to duplicate that. Anyone know what events they do there? This will be my first trip travelling alone and will be a new experience as my husband recently passed away.

Hope you have a great trip, Iíll look forward to a report. Thanks so much. Lynn
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