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Shirley B
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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Viking Danube October

Hmmm...your travel agent "just repeats what they say and has taken no responsibility."
I'm just wondering exactly what would you like your travel agent to do instead? What other source of information can your TA?

And what do you expect the river cruise lines to do? The drought in Europe has been devastating to guests and to river cruise lines, as well as to the economy of port cities that must be bypassed due to low river levels. Is there anyone who has a solution to this problem other than what the cruise lines are doing (bussing instead of sailing, as dictated by the rivers)? Are you saying that all the river cruiselines should just close shop and shut down for the rest of the cruising season?

Just as ocean cruises through the Caribbean, cruises to Bermuda, and cruises through the Mexican Riviera do not shut down during hurricane season, river cruise lines must make every effort to sail in times of drought. Consider the alternatives...and consider the consequences of thos alternatives. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution. Mother Nature reigns supreme (no pun intended).

Shirley B
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