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Shirley B
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Default Re: Re: Viking Danube October

Dear Brendan--

Although I have not been on a river cruise in the past 30 days, I was on Eastern European Odyssey in July, after the drought was underway.

You may have noted that my posting was initially in defense of travel agents. Diane complained that her agent was just repeating what the cruiseline told her and was not taking any responsibility. I wanted to know what additional information the travel agent might have, what control a travel agent has that allows him/her to "take responsibility."

As I noted in my last past, I certainly empathize with passengers who have been the victims of this drought. But don't you agree that the cruise companies and travel agents are suffering, too? This whole thing is a no-win situation.

Unfortunately, the cruise companies have no control over the weather any more than the cruisers do. And travel agents certainly cannot take responsibility for the weather or the untilmate decision for each and every sailing by cruisers on whether or not to cruise or river cruise companies on whether or not to cancel a sailing.

From the way you responded to my post, perhaps you have a solution that no one has thought of yet and a formula for who should take what responsibilities when. Please share it with us.

Shirley B
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