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Sorry about getting back to you late, I've spent several days in the hospital for some previously scheduled surgery (nothing related to our Viking trip, thank God!) We did receive an answer machine message on Thursday, Sept. 25, that our Rhine cruise itinerary was being changed due to low water level (Our schedule flight to Basel, Switz., was Sept. 28) Also in the message was that Viking would extend to us a 25% credit on a cruise for 2004.
I called back to get further details about the itinerary change. They then faxed me the changes and also stated (on the phone, not in writing) that we would get a 50% credit on a 2004 cruise.
As it turned out, most of the itinerary changes (first 3 days of the cruise) never happened as shown in the change schedule. Upon boarding the ship, considerably downstream from our original embarkation point, we were informed that the cruise schedule would be "day-to-day" due to the low water level conditions.
I have received nothing further from Viking regarding credits, refunds, etc. but intend to persue this with them shortly.
Ken Aeschbacher
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