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Default Re: Amsterdam to Vienna

Thanks much for informative description of your cruise - just exactly (along with earlier one from Joel) what I needed. We actually feel much better now because we know what to expect and any improvements over your experience will be highlights. I think realistic discussions prepare people much better to accept difficult situations.
Just parenthetically, we have gone on 1 other river cruise (Nile, about 9 years ago) and could not make last two ports as they were shooting at boats from the river banks and killing people for real. We stayed two extra nights in Luxor and loved it. You would never know there had been any schedule change - it was transparent to us. However, one woman in our group of 12 challenged the change in sailing, had to see the telegrams from the US and British embassies telling the ship not to move any further, and was never convinced even by newspaper articles that it was happening!
And I will be writing a trip report on this cruise.
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