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Default Re: Viking Danube October


<<Category C Ė will you let me know about rooms and noise and locations? Donít know if it will be noisy under the lounge. >>

We were in a Cat. B in midship on the portside and it was a great location. Quiet and window high enough that when docked portside we were not looking at a concrete wall. However, we met some people on our cruise who were in the location that you describe and they were sleep-deprived. The noise was from the side thrusters. We sailed a lot at night and early mornings, pre-dawn or docked just pre-dawn and they said that they were awake anything that we went through a lock or docked or the thrusters were used for any reason. You could hear/feel it all over the boat if you are sensitive to noise and vibration and I can imagine that they were suffering from being awoken every night in their cabin since it was so close to them. Just something to consider if you have a choice about your cabin location.
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