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Default Re: Re: Viking Danube October

Thanks for all the info from everyone. Iíd love to upgrade from my C but paying the single supplement makes it too much and canít think of any other way around that potential noise. Oh well, Iíll do the best I can. Thanks so much for that info!

Checked with Viking today re my Romantic Danube and the water issue. They said the ship that returned yesterday didn't start out in Nuremberg and people had to bus further on to meet the boat. I think at this point I'm ready to accept whatever happens since thatís life on those rivers right now. I remember years ago missing a whole dayís tour in Asia somewhere cuz the government shut down the airport to practice maneuvers and we had to sit in a very hot air port in Manila for a day with nothing to do or able to plan. And we didn't get somewhere else cuz there was fighting going on that day.

When I asked specific questions to Viking the woman answered and was helpful so that would be my recommendation to anyone calling . Also I mentioned specific dates and that helped too. Good cruising and good luck to all of us, Lynn
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