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Default Re: Re: Viking Danube October

Hi Patty:

We may actually see each other at LAX!!! I am flying on BA and my flight leaves at 5:30 p.m. on 11/21/03 arriving at Heathrow at 12:30 p.m on 11/22/03. We are leaving Heathrow at 6:30 p.m and we will be in Vienna late. What hotel are you staying at in Vienna? We can probably get acquainted at LAX and grab some coffee before we board our flight out!!! We won't be spending any time in London as we are taking the train from Nurnberg to Prague and we will be spending a week a Prague. My husband wanted to go to Prague before they joined the EU next year and everything is going to be twice as expensive. Let me know what time you and your husband are going to be at LAX so that we can meet up. Do you have your cabin number yet? I think we are in cabin # 229. travel agent called today and left me a lengthy voice mail message saying that she spoke with the customer service rep from General Tours - they also use Viking for their river cruises - the rep is saying that they had no problems last week with the river cruises as it had been raining the last few days. The reason why my travel agent called General instead of calling Viking directly is Viking won't give her any info. She told me to just sit tight as it is their rainy season over there now. So...we shall wait and see.

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