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Shirley B
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Default Re: amsterdam to basel cruise

Hmmm...I don't think there is an Amsterdam to Basel on Viking. There is an Antwerp to Basel, and that itinerary includes a visit to Amsterdam.

In Brugge, be sure to try the mussels and the fries (fries are served with mayonnaise rather than ketchup)...and have a Belgian waffle for dessert!

In Amsterdam, try to get to see the Ann Frank house and the van Gogh museum. And don't miss the red-light district at night. Like nothing you've ever seen in any other city!

The cathedral in Cologne is magnificent; the city is quaint, charming.

The music museum in Rudesheim is not to be missed.

Sorry, but I haven't been to Gouda, Nijmegen, Heidelberg, Strasbourg, or Basel...but they are on my agenda...

Bon voyage,
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