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Default Re: Re: Re: Antwerp to Basel - July 2004


What website do you use to follow the river levels? I have been using WetterOnline. My German is limited so I have made some assumptions when looking at the data. For instance, I assume that "weitere flusse" in cm is the maximum depth of the shipping channel at a particular monitoring location. Since the draught of several of the Viking river boats is 150 cm, I am a little nervous when I see the water levels hovering just over 150 cm--as it currently is at several points along the river. To what extent are the water depths of the shipping channel controlled by engineering?

I don't have the whole picture--I have just enough information to be dangerous! Thanks to anybody who can correct any faulty assumptions I have made.

Glad to know that it is a cool, wet season in Germany this year. That is good news.

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