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Default Re: Antwerp to Basel - July 2004


Thanks for responding. It had occurred to me that the pegel measurement might reflect the depth at a port/dock, because without enough water, a port is not do-able. Then I thought, that interpretation is probably wishful thinking! If your exploration of German/other websites yields more info, I am interested in knowing about it. As you can see, I am not that great auf Deutsch, so if I find the website I may have difficulty understanding it. After 35 years in Germany I bet you do quite well auf Deutsch!

Thanks for letting all of us Nervous Nelsons and Nellies know that this summer is not a repeat of last!

You'd think the cruise line would be more forthcoming with information. 10 days ago I talked by phone with an agent who was clueless and had no idea where to get a clue. She promised to get back with the requested information about river levels and the draught of the Viking Sky, but did not. Then I contacted the company twice by email for any information they might have about river levels and alternate plans should the cruise not be able to sail as scheduled. No response--not even, thanks for your inquiry. After 5 days, I don't think I will be hearing from them. That is a disappointment.

When we are not traveling for business, we go for fun. When we go, we take our most positive outlooks, our sunniest dispositions, and a juicer to make lemonade out of lemons. (Golly, we travel on Amtrak--for fun!) I think our river cruise will be great--even if we find ourselves on a bus. Every indication is that Viking works hard to deliver a great experience. On the other hand, every indication is that Viking does a poor job communicating with their customers--certainly, that's what others have reported, and, sorry to say, our experience thus far. I hope to be able to say "it ain't so" in a future post.

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