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Wow! Some of these are tough ones.

>1. Is there a self-service laundry for passengers to use?

No. The ship offers laundry, including same day service for a slighly higher fee. The amount wasn't outrageous but it's obviously more expensive than self-service. In fairness, most ships don't have washers & dryers for passengers b/c they're serious fire hazards.

2. Is there an ATM on board?

No. But there will be more than enough ATMs in every town you visit. And you don't need cash on board. They will change money on board, although they admit that you'll get a better rate at a bank in town. BTW, generally, most businesses accept dollars and credit cards. Some will give you a discount for paying cash. Obviously, if they (businesses) take dollars, your exchange rate won't be great.

3. What are the tipping procedures?

Tipping is voluntary. The last night, they leave an envelope in your room. You can put as much or as little as you want to in it (or nothing at all). You deposit the envelope in a box at reception. Your name, room number , etc. is not on the envelope. If you prefer to tip with a credit card, you can do so at reception. Last year, they "recommended" $10 per person per day. With the drop in the dollar, it might now be 10 Euros, but I don't know this for a fact.

We were very happy with the service and tipped appropriately. However, if you choose not to, no one will be the wiser (except your own conscience). Also, I think there were automatic tips on bar bills -- I forget the amount -- 15% maybe.

4. Do they provide Equal (artificial sweetener)?

No idea.

5. Do they have Egg Beaters or a low cholesterol egg substitute?

No idea. Don't use it. The buffet offers scrambled eggs and hard/soft boiled eggs. You can order omelets. Remember that non-whole eggs are not a common breakfast item in Europe; they generally cook them for the Americans. So, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have egg substitutes. There are plenty of other items in the buffet line and on the a la carte menu -- so, even if you can't have the eggs, you won't starve.

6. Is there a safe in the cabin?

Yes. It's free & easy to use. Large enough to hold wallets, a modest amount of jewelry, small cameras, etc.

7. Do we need an electric adapter?

Yes. They do provide a hair dryer, so no need to bring one. For most appliances, you probably don't need a converter.

Hope this helps.
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