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Van Tanner
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Default Re: Amsterdam to Vienna June 19

Just returned from the Amsterdam to Vienna cruise from June 20 to July 2. It was our first river cruise, first cruise and first trip to Europe and we were not disappointed. The Viking Spirit was a wonderful ship. The captain and his officers were great. The crew was truly remarkable. My personal feeling is, if you did not enjoy this cruise then you are the type that's hard to please. The crew went out of their way to insure that everything was perfect. The weather started out chilly (upper 50's) with rain for the first 2 to 3 days, then the skys cleared and the weather improved. The rooms were smaller, but sufficient for two. The shower was smaller than I would have liked by met our needs and we were able to have hot and long showers with no problem. The meal were outstanding and always more than enough.

The guided tours were great although my wife and I did go off on our own on several stops. I would have like to have more shore time at a few of the stops but overall was pleased. I did hve enough time to sample the local sausages, sauerkraut and beer at many of our stop. I can highly recommend the "Restaurant under the Old Stone Bridge" in Regginsburg for great food (I had to stop after 15 sausages, 3 plates of sauerkraut, and 3 beers, and I'm an average size person). Also, don't mess the Chocolate Museum in Cologne (very close to the ship) and the large ice cream parlor near the "Beautiful Fountain" in the Nurenburg town square.

The river levels were perfect and we had no delays. My wife and I are 43 and except for one other couple with two children were the youngest on the cruise. There were a few 50 to early 60's with the bulk of the passengers in the late 60 plus range. We still had fun. There were a few passengers that had negative comments to make and did some complaining about the food, the various tour, etc. However, after being around these people for a short time, I realized that they were the type of people that no one could make happy. The trip was great and I am ready to go again.

Hope your trip will be as good as ours.
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