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Shirley, if you go to the web site and click on cruise finder on the left side it brings up some boxes to check. The top one is for 2004. The one under it is also marked 2004 but obviously is meant to be 2005. Then just click on thru with China as the destination and it brings up dates and feature for all of the 2005 trips on the Sky.

Do you know any consolidators who do Business Class to China? Viking wants an additional $2,900 per person which seems kind of steep when compared to Grand Circle's $1,900. Both are plus the cost of economy fare built in to the trip price. That puts the total value of Viking's Business Class up to $3,600 which is close to the cost of the rest of the package.

I am disappointed that they will not be offering an add-on to Guilin and the Li River day cruise. That is supposed to be quite delightful. It is offered on some trips but not on the Roof of the World itinerary for some reason. I called their reservations department and they said "no can do." If you want to do it you have to do your own air and book that seperately after leaving the group. That is not encouraging. I would hate to go that far and miss one of the real highlights of China. I can stand missing Hong Kong.

Just read a report on CruiseCritic from someone who just got back (not on Viking) and said "by all means go!"

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