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Shirley B
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Default Re: Re: Viking River Cruise China

"We are going on the China Cultural Delights tour from June 6 through 18th, 2005 that cruises on the Century Star. I hope it is just as good as the Po River cruise in Italy we went on a couple of years ago."

Dear Tim--

You will not be disappointed! Many of the people in my group called the China cruise the best ever--and these were heavy-duty cruisers, having sailed many ocean cruises and river cruises in the past. The Yangtze scenery is magnificent--much nicer than the Po; and the ports are unique and lovely.

I have five "chapters" of information that I provided to members of my group--everything from shopping to precautions to port information--and a couple of reviews of the cruise by past guests, etc. Please send me your email address if you'd like a copy of the information.

If anyone else reading this post would like the information, please let me know. If you're leaving soon, you might want to write to me directly, as I'm off to Alaska this weekend. You can reach me at

Shirley B
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